Hampton, Ga:: Import Alliance 2017

Import Alliance Spring Meet 2017  in Atlanta was held at Atlanta Motor Speedway once again. This years attendance seemed to be the biggest yet ever so far.  There were extremely log non showcase lines and some long wait times to get in. It was so filled with enthusiasts that parking on the track was done as a last resort.

Apart from that, those who came in early and get through the lines got to enjoy the show case cars and for this year a new super show case selection of cars. The vendor areas were packed  with the record crowd also.  I had a great time as I met up with a lot of folks I’ve not seen at shows in a while, so it was a big family reunion of sorts. I could only manage day 1, but that’s the day that was lit.  On to the coverage pics mainly from the show case area and day 1 drifting.  For additional pics be sure to check out photobycereal2k’s page for available hi res versions.


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